Crypto licenses.


Estonia is one of the few countries that have advanced online registration systems. This allows for some parts of the application, like company registration to be done remotely. Many customers choose Estonia for the ease of getting licensed. Licensing time: 3- 6 months.


Two licensing options exist: Option to get a Crypto Exchange license for companies who offer exchange services between Fiat and Crypto; and a Crypto Wallet Exchange license for managing customer wallets for storage of cryptocurrencies.


Malaysia has been at the forefront of crypto licensing and has issued a Digital Asset Exchange license from Bank Negara. It is the perfect option for a cryptocurrency exchange looking to establish themselves in Asia. Licensing time: 3-6 months

United Kingdom

FCA license is the perfect solution for crypto service providers who want to operate in the UK. Licensing time: 6+ months.

E-money licenses.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has for long been one of the largest financial centres in the world. Its mature regulatory regime offers licensed companies status and legitimacy. Licensing time: 6-12 months


Ireland has become one of the most popular countries to get licensed as an e-money issuer in Europe. Under PSD2 companies can apply for an Electronic money issuers license or a small electronic money issuers license with the central bank of Ireland. Licensing time: 6-12 months


Spain became one of the most active fintech ecosystems in Europe with a great number of fintech licenses issued in 2020. They offer an authorised Electronic money issuers license and a small electronic issuers license. Licensing time: 6 months.

Payment systems licenses.

South Africa

South Africa has become a hub for Fintechs in Africa. Companies offering payment services can now apply to get licensed as Third Party Payment Processors or System Operators. Licensing time: 3- 6 months.


Ghana’s payment systems and services act came into force in 2019 with the effect that payments services companies can now apply for any of the three license types available. Licensing time: 3- 6 months


Lithuania’s is one of the most common countries in which to acquire a payment systems license in Europe. It allows for pan-European payment processing, and is a relatively quick process.  Licensing time – up to 3 months.

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